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A properly constructed will is the basis of all financial planning.

Your protection is our prime concern because without the basic legal structures in place your assets and family could be at risk.

Mike Eddison has over 25 years experience in the Financial Services Industry and now only offers a range of non-financial service products such as Will Writing, Probate and Estate Planning Services.

These services include taking your Testamentary Instruction and having appropriate Wills drafted for you, in conjunction with either The Society of Will Writers or selected specialist Law Firms and Trust Providers in the UK or the Isle of Man, for those with more complex or offshore requirements.

You will not be assailed with “financial products” although of course their use and place in Estate Planning can be particularly useful to clients in achieving Inheritance Tax Mitigation or Estate Creation structures.

Emotional or Ethical Wills, as they are sometimes known, are becoming more and more sought after to ensure you have an accurate and lasting legacy. Additional Services includes introductions to discreet, high calibre service providers ranging from Tax Advice to Close Protection Services world wide.



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